What is libido and how to increase it?

Libido, or our sex drive, is not constant and fluctuates all the time. The level of libido is influenced by our daily lifestyle, exposure to stress, diseases, diet, or such a prosaic thing as a relationship routine and ordinary fatigue. Are there any effective ways to increase libido?

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Libido - what is it?

Libido is a Latin word for sex drive. In each person, libido may be shaped at a different level, which means that some have a greater appetite for sexual contacts, while in others these needs remain at a low or even zero level. People who do not feel permanently sexually attracted to other people are referred to as asexual. These people may constitute from 0.6 to 5.5% of the total population.
Research shows that men are characterized by a greater libido, but this assumption is not a rule. It should also be taken into account that the libido level consists of many factors, biological (including hormonal), psychological and social.

What affects the decrease in libido?

Libido is extremely sensitive to various changes in our lives. The reason for a reduced desire for sex may be chronic fatigue and constant stress exposure, which effectively reduce our sex drive. It happens that the cause of low libido lies in the relationship between partners. A creeping routine, piling up of home chores, and constant babysitting can cool down the urge to have a relationship with your partner.
Our unhealthy eating habits and the tendency to use stimulants can also affect the decrease in libido. Cigarettes are particularly harmful as they negatively affect the blood flow to the genitals, not to mention the unpleasant smell that accompanies smokers. The medications taken - antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, preparations for gastric problems, and contraceptive hormonal pills can also have a negative impact on libido. Occurring diseases are also important. People struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and obesity may experience a decrease in libido.

How to increase libido?

A satisfying sex life requires the work and commitment of both partners, and libido must be constantly stimulated to enjoy a successful intercourse.
First of all, you should take care of your health and well-being. Stress and fatigue can damage our efforts, so we should get enough sleep every day and avoid stressful situations whenever possible. Let's also take care of what goes on our plate. A healthy and well-balanced diet will improve metabolism, improve the hormonal balance and provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and elements that affect many processes, including libido. It is a good idea to reach for natural aphrodisiacs that increase the production of human pheromones. We will find them, among others in nuts, seafood, asparagus, strawberries, dark chocolate, red wine. Physical activity plays an important role. During exercise, endorphins are released to reduce stress, which is one of the main enemies of your sex drive.
Low libido should be an excuse to talk to your partner, after all, this problem affects both people in a relationship. Thanks to the interview, it will be easier to identify the source of the problem and take appropriate action. Perhaps the reason for the decrease in libido is the relationship routine? A recipe may turn out to be a more interesting foreplay, introducing a bit of spice, or using erotic gadgets. In this subject, we are only limited by our imaginatio

Pharmaceuticals greater libido

The above-mentioned methods do not bring satisfactory results for everyone, so many people seek help in a pharmacy and pharmacological agents. Most of such preparations are aimed at men who have problems with getting an erection. These types of supplements contain extracts from plants such as ashwagandha, ginseng, maca, mace, or saffron, which are supposed to support sexual functions. They also contain zinc, which helps maintain the proper level of testosterone, as well as selenium and l-arginine, which affect the course of spermatogenesis. Preparations containing sildenafil, which allow you to get an erection, are more effective than supplements. Although they are available over the counter, their use should be discussed with your doctor. This is especially true for men suffering from cardiovascular diseases, for whom the use of such preparations may pose a serious health risk.
Erectile dysfunction in men over 50 is natural, but it also happens in younger people. If this condition is not due to daily habits, medications or a comorbid disease, it is worth discussing this problem with your family doctor or going to a sexologist.